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These types of businesses may include the formation of a company or the sole proprietorship. The sole trader just like any other business form will always work with the aim of maximizing profits and ensure that the type of business ventured is growing and can have the ability to be expanded.
In sole proprietorship, the sole trader is left to make his own decisions unlike for the partnership type of a business where an agreement between the partners must be made first. In the limited liability companies, the aspects of the business are made responsible by the shareholders of that particular company unlike the sole proprietorship where the owner is responsible for all the aspects of the business.

It is least complex since it requires the least amount of concentration on the legal matters like the other businesses. These procedures are quite important for easy formation of sole proprietorship for any interested party.

Look at their lifestyle or small things that they might have been travelling for long distances in order to find them and invest on the products and start the business in that place. Most small businesses have their specific and unique names which are identifies by the customers. The name of your business should be unique and also should be different from any previously existing businesses so that it is well known to the customers.

Once you have identified the name of the business you want to start, the next step would now be for you to register the business name with the local state. It would be easier to solve cases that might involve your business if it is registered with the government than those that are not registered since it is not in existence according to the government.

The next step after registering your business name with the federal government is obtaining the necessary permits and license to run the business. It is then equally important to consider the type of the business you want to start and that it would increase the chances of you getting the license to run the business.

As a sole trader it is equally important that you maintain good relationship with the government by ensuring that you pay taxes in type and that you provide goods and services to the customers that are not harmful or threat to their human lives. It is more advantageous since formation of sole proprietorship is less complex.

However, there are other factors that one can consider before forming a new business not necessarily sole proprietorship.One of the factors that guides to formation of the business it the tax treatment. It is therefore a crucial factor which really determines the business. Mostly entrepreneurs who have low capital would come to make partnerships so that they can share the profits proportionally and according to the amount of capital contribution.

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